About us

We are passionate about people development (and about many other things). Our diverse backgrounds allow us to resonate with all kinds of clients on different topics.

You can read more about each of us below.

Michal Lobkowicz

1306 fotka michal mensi vyrez

Michal Lobkowicz is an entrepreneur with a background in geology and politics. Michal is currently a partner in Corsum Group, a boutique mergers and acquisition consultancy based in Prague. Since 2011, Michal has been leading trainings with selected Mab Partners clients, sharing his diverse experience. Michal is interested in (too) many things, including granite, gardening, cycling from through Armenia or Serbia, the pyramid principle, career change and butterflies.

After an M.A. in structural geology and working as a scientist, the events of 1989 have prompted him to enter politics. A member of Parliament between 1992-2002, and a Chef the Cabinet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1993-1996, he became Minister of Defense in the government of Josef Tošovský for 6 months in 1998.