What do you need?

Mab Partners provides team and individual coaching and training. Our intensive, cutting-edge programs are playful and energetic and always customized to your specific needs. Would you like to know more? And how much time do you have?

You have 2 minutes

In our first conversation with you, we would explore your needs more in depth – what is the ideal outcome? What would you like to change? What would you like to keep and to capitalize on? What has worked or not worked for you or your team in the past?

We can plan together several types of actions:

– at team level – a facilitation of a meeting, a team learning, team exploration, or skills training, you will decide what is best suited for your team

– at an individual level  – executive coaching (for a definition, check out the International Coaching Federation website) over a period of several months, or one-off coaching, for example to prepare for a crucial presentation or difficult meeting

– a combination of both team and individual actions

For examples of our clients and interventions, see the “Clients” section.