Here is a page for you to get inspired. Do you have a question you need answered? Then play our game! Do you need encouragement? We have that too! Or maybe you are wondering about building relationships with a friend or a colleague?

Play a game?

What about playing a short game? OK?

Close your eyes, take three deep breaths, think of any question that is on your mind. Do not cheat, come up with a question, otherwise it will not work!

My question is:

And yes, we will magically provide an answer to your question. Would you like it as a photo? or a quote? or both?


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Contemplate the photo and its link to the quote for a moment – in what way does the quote resonate with what you were thinking of? Can it help you solve your question? Maybe you want to write down something and email it to yourself or to us, here is the space. (We will not send you any spam email to this address, promise.)